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We thought we'd write a blog post about choosing your first chest binder (and the best chest binders for young people in general) because this is *by far* the most common question we get from people and parents of young folk looking for a first binder, as well as sharing tips for effective and safe chest binding.

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Darcy Lee reviews SHEATH underwear and shares his thoughts on using them to pack with.

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FTM, Gender Expression, non-binary, top surgery, transmasc -

The Top Surgery Starter Pack is a resource pack for trans masc people considering or in the process of getting top surgery. Developed by Leo Fenech and funded by a Women Victoria project grant.

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FTM, gender diverse, New York Toy Collective, non-binary, transmasc, transmasc pump -

The team at Sock Drawer Heroes sent me this product to review for them. Thanks to New York Toy Collective we finally have a pump designed and marketed to transmasculine folk. The Transmasc Pump is designed to temporarily increase external growth and sensation for masturbation and sex (Wahoo).

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Gender Expression -

TransHub has all the ingredients, all the recipes, and all the contacts so any person can go get the information they need. Info on trans support services, health & medical, legal stuff, tucking, binding, packing, hormones…. and SO MUCH MORE. It’s not just for trans and gender diverse people either, TransHub is a really great resource for partners, family, friends & health practitioners.

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