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TransHub: The sandwich we've all been waiting for

A lot of people reading this might not remember life before Google and having to dial up to go on the internet. Every. Single. Time. This period, let’s call it PreGoog, made it so incredibly hard to get tasks done that today we take for granted. When I was a kid, in PreGoog times, I had to go to a library to find information for school assignments, I had to go to the bank to deposit money into my Dollarmite bank account, and I had to trawl through mIRC groups & message boards to find like minded people when I thought I might be a bit queer.

PreGoog times was very similar to how things felt when I was searching for information about being transgender. By this stage Google was a thing, and even when you weren’t asking, the internet would still offer answers. Creepy.

I had so many questions, but I felt like I had to pick up virtual crumbs from so many different places on the internet and by the time I had enough crumbs for one solid piece of information, or let’s say, a piece of bread, I had decided what kind of sandwich I wanted to make and had to start crumb hunting again… exhausting!

I feel like if there had been a comprehensive loaf of bread out there back when I started collecting crumbs, I might have completed making my Trans sandwich in my early twenties, rather than a decade later. 

Well, guess what, some awesome people have worked really hard and have just released the carb-loaded thick cut loaf of my dreams, and it’s called TransHub.

TransHub has all the ingredients, all the recipes, and all the contacts so any person can go get the information they need. Info on trans support services, health & medical, legal stuff, tucking, binding, packing, hormones…. and SO MUCH MORE. It’s not just for trans and gender diverse people either, TransHub is a really great resource for partners, family, friends & health practitioners.

TransHub is an initiative by ACON, so a lot of the contact information is NSW based, however it also offers a broad spectrum of helpful content no matter where you are located.

Also, a shoutout to one of our fave's, Samuel Luke, who's work is featured on TransHub

Go check TransHub out! 🥪

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