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In a Bind About Choosing Your First Binder? (And helpful binding tips)

We thought we'd write a blog post about choosing your first chest binder (and the best chest binders for young people in general) because this is *by far* the most common question we get from people and parents of young folk looking for a first binder, as well as sharing tips for effective and safe chest binding.

Top Surgery Starter Pack

The Top Surgery Starter Pack is a resource pack for trans masc people considering or in the process of getting top surgery. Developed by Leo Fenech and funded by a Women Victoria project grant.

TransHub: The sandwich we've all been waiting for

TransHub has all the ingredients, all the recipes, and all the contacts so any person can go get the information they need. Info on trans support services, health & medical, legal stuff, tucking, binding, packing, hormones…. and SO MUCH MORE. It’s not just for trans and gender diverse people either, TransHub is a really great resource for partners, family, friends & health practitioners.

How many packers could a packer pack if a packer could pack packs?

One of the most common questions we get asked, and probably the biggest decision to make is what size to get. At SDH we stock NYTC & Limpy Packers, providing a good range in different size options.  
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