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What is Packing?

'Packing' refers to using a packer to create a bulge in your underwear. People may pack for different reasons, often to help alleviate gender dysphoria and to feel more affirmed in their gender.

Packing is a personal decision, and it's not something that every trans person chooses to do. It's totally up to you to decide whether it's something that makes you feel good. You might choose to pack only on some days, for certain occasions, or not at all - and all are valid! 

What is a Packer?

A 'packer' is a object made specifically to be inserted in your underwear to create a bulge. Packers can look like realistic or semi-realistic penises, often made from silicone or TPE (thermoplastic elastomer), or can be non-realistic, like our SDH Budgie Packer, which is a fabric insert option. 

Choosing a Packer

Choosing a packer can be really exciting, but there's lots of different options, so here are some things you can consider to help you decide:


This is probably the most important thing to consider when choosing a packer. You may want to consider your height and body frame (e.g. if you are short and have a small frame, you might want a smaller packer for a more realistic look. You can check out our Blog Post on packing for more info on sizing. 


We stock a huge range of colours from a range of different skin tones, to shimmery purple and teal! Perhaps you want something realistic that matches your skin tone, or perhaps you want to pack a punch with a purple packer! 

Cut or uncut 

The folks at New York Toy Collective have both Cut (circumcised) and Uncut (non-circumcised) options across Small and Medium in their affordable silicone packers.


Our packers range from 100% pure silicone (which will be longest-lasting and most hygenic as silicone is non-porous), TPE blend which still feels realistic but is a cheaper material, and fabric like our Budgie Packer.


You may want to think about when you'll be using your packer. Our fabric insert Budgie Packer is great for wearing while exercising or swimming. At other times, you might want something more realistic in weight and feel. Lots of people have different packers for different occasions.


Finally, budget. We have a range of options for our SDH Budgie Packer at $16 to realistic long-lasting silicone packers at $88 and various mid-budget options in between. 

Packing Methods

There's lots of different ways to keep your packer secure. Check out our Packing Underwear and Pouches collection for various options.

Some people buy specific packing underwear, such as SpareParts Packing Underwear, which is designed to hold a prostethic packer (and usually STPs too). 

Others choose to use regular underwear that has a double pouch, which conveniently works well for packing. We stock a range of 'non-packing specific' underwear by Sheath, that we find works really well for packing. 

Another option is a good old trusty packer strap - a very secure and minimalist option. 

Finally, Get Your Joey, the awesome trans-owned company based in Canada, have come up with the excellent solution of a packing pouch to turn any underwear into packing underwear! These come in all different colours, patterns, sizes and styles. 

Keeping Your Packer Clean

Keep your packer clean and hygienic by washing with warm water and anti-bacterial hand soap or anti-bacterial toy cleaner. If your packer is silicone, do not store next to other silicone packers or toys as this will damage them. 

For silicone and TPE packers, lightly dust your packer with cornstarch to keep moisture out. You can buy 100% cornstarch cheaply from most chemists. 

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to send us a message at

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