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SDH Budgie Packer

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The SDH Budgie Packer is a lightweight foam insert packer made to fit in pouch style underwear.

The SDH Budgie Packer allows for more airflow than silicone packers, as it doesn't sit directly against your body. This makes is great for any sweaty scenarios such as playing sport, going to the gym, and large scale nerf games. The SDH Budgie Packer is also perfect for swimming as it doesn't retain much water, minimising sag (tried and tested by SDH).*

The SDH Budgie Packer is a great way to pack for those who are packing for the first time and don't want to invest in a more expensive option until they are sure it's right for them, or for anyone who prefers a simple insert rather than a weighty anatomical packer. 

The SDH Budgie Packer can be used with pouch style underwear, such as, boxer briefs, trunks, and jockstraps.

Length: H 15cm x W 9cm x D 5.5cm

Material: 100% Polyester

Colour: Black, White and Tan


  • Hand wash in warm water

  • Do not machine wash. 

Hot tip: If you find your budgie too prominent, flatten it with a heavy book for a day or two!

* Frequent use in water will wear out the SDH Budgie Packer more quickly over time, however this will not affect the function.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Perfect for the gym

I use this when I’m at the gym and it’s so much more comfortable when sweaty and moving around a lot compared to a regular silicone packer which I otherwise use. I know it’s not as durable for my jocks but I just pin the top of the insert to the band and it stays in fine. I had definitely forgotten about the instruction not to wash it in a machine so the inner and outer lining has started to peel off - just a heads up for what to expect if you want to risk it and machine wash it (which I’d now advise against). Great, cheap purchase, and not too big at all in my opinion.


Fantastic product. Exactly what it should be. Fantastic service!

Absolutely Gigantic

I tried my hardest to flatten this bad boy out, but it would not budge. I'm 15, 5'5 and pretty small in frame- a man can dream, but it's a completely unrealistic size.
The first time trying it on was pretty surreal, but I wouldn't dare go outside with it.
Good as a first time try, and I appreciate it opening my horizons to packing!

Hey Finn,
Thanks for leaving a review.
If flattening the Budgie packer isn't successful, you can try another method. You just need to grab a sharp pair of scissors, then you can trim the outside of the Budgie which will reduce the overall size.
I'd start by trimming 1cm to start and seeing how you feel, and then you can trim a bit more if needed.
I hope this helps.

Light and easy to handle. Happy with it.

This was really comfortable and because it's so light, I completely forgot about it until I notice in a reflection or I'm looking down and it's always a great surprise.

Since this is the first time I've tried packing and the worries associating with that, it's really helping me figure out whether it's for me or not since it's pretty unobtrusive.