SDH Pay It Forward & Binder Donation Program

SDH Pay It Forward & Binder Donation Program

Not everyone can afford the gear they need to affirm their gender. So at Sock Drawer Heroes, we've set up a Pay It Forward Program where you can donate an amount towards a gender expression product - binder, packer or tucking gaff - for someone who can't afford it.

100% of donations go to covering the cost price of an binder, Limpy packer or tucking gaff and standard shipping.

You can donate to the Pay It Forward program here


Binder Donations

We also find new homes for pre-loved binders through our Pay It Forward Program. If you have a binder that is in good condition that you no longer need, please donating it for our Pay It Forward Program. We are always in need of more donated binders due to the high number of applications we receive.

If you have a binder to donate, get in touch with us at


How To Apply For Our Pay It Forward Program

If you would like to be the recipient of a Pay It Forward item, click 'Apply Here' below to fill in the application form.

Due to the large number of applications we receive, applications are limited to one item request per person.

Currently this program is only available those in Australia and New Zealand. Please note there is currently a waiting list. 

Application for the Sock Drawer Heroes Pay It Forward & Binder Donation Program


"I applied for their binder program, they've just approved my application and are sending me out a donated binder. These people are saving lives whether they realise it or not! You're doing amazing work everyone, love you stuff!" - Pay It Forward Recipient

Referral Resources For Your Service

If you would like Sock Drawer Heroes business cards or flyers to put in your clinic, service, university queer collective or business, send us an email to with your address and a little bit about your service and we'll post some out to you for free.

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