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SDH Pay It Forward Program

Not everyone can afford the gender expression products that they need to feel comfortable in themselves. So, at Sock Drawer Heroes, we run a Pay It Forward program where you can donate funds which are used to provide free gender affirming products (chest binders, packers, tucking underwear) to those who can't afford to buy what they need.

100% of donations go to covering the a chest binder, Limpy packer or tucking gaff and standard shipping.

You can donate to our Pay It Forward program.

How to apply

Our Pay It Forward program is only available those in Australia and New Zealand. Please note there is currently a waitlist. 

Due to the large number of applications we receive, applications are limited to one item request per person.

Our Pay It Forward program is intended to help gender diverse people who cannot access gender affirming products. Before applying, please consider your circumstances and whether you meet the criteria.


  • Your financial situation prevents you from being able to purchase gender affirming gear
  • You have not already been a recipient of our Pay It Forward or Binder Donation Program
  • You have not already purchased gender affirming products from Sock Drawer Heroes
  • You must live in Australia or New Zealand


  • You must fill out the application form. We do not accept emailed applications
  • You must give an accurate measurements as required for the item you are applying for
  • Applications submitted without measurements will not be considered. Advice on measuring can be found on our website in Resources

Binder donations

We’ve decided to make the tough decision to close the Sock Drawer Heroes Binder Donation program. With the overwhelming number of Pay It Forward applications, we've decided that this is the program that needs more of our attention. Focusing our efforts on the Pay It Forward program allows us to help more people across the gender spectrum, not just those who wear chest binders.

As much as we loved being able to give worn binders a second home, the extra work of processing applications and sorting, washing and sizing the donations is something we can no longer sustain as a very small team.

We still want to make sure that used binders find good homes, so we've put together a list of services that run binder donation programs:

Some used binders aren’t in good enough condition for someone else to wear, so here’s a list of places that you can recycle those worn-out binders:

To find more clothing/textile recycling options, visit Recycling Near You.

We hope you understand our decision, and we truly appreciate all the support you've given the Sock Drawer Heroes Binder Donation program over these past years.

Keep an eye out for updates about our renewed Pay It Forward program coming soon.