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What is Tucking?

Tucking is a method used to tuck external genitals to create a flat aesthetic. Some trans and non-binary folk tuck to alleviate gender dysphoria and affirm their gender. 

Whether to tuck or not is an entirely personal decision - some people choose to tuck every day, only on special occasions or not at all - all are valid! 

There are different methods of tucking. Some people use specially designed tucking underwear (aka gaffs), some people use special tape, some people go DIY with stockings or tight underwear, and some people use a combination of some or all of these.

'Tucking Underwear' aka 'Gaffs'

Tucking underwear, or 'gaffs', are underwear that are designed specifically to tuck with. They tend to have a stiff front panel which helps keep everything securely in place. 

There aren't a whole lot of tucking underwear brands out there, but we stock a small range of the best tucking underwear brands we've found including Carmen Liu Lingerie, Hidden Candy Boutique, LeoLines and Tuck Buddies.

We stock basic briefs suitable for every day tucking (LeoLines and Tuck Buddies), both of which come in Kids Sizing. We also have thong styles by Hidden Candy Boutique and Carmen Liu Lingerie - both trans femme owned companies that we love. 

Using Tape for Tucking

If using tape, make sure to use a fabric medical / kinesio tape that has a bit of stretch and breathability to it. Never use gaffer tape, duct tape or any other kind of tape. We sell SDH Mixtape that is suitable for tucking. Mixtape is available in black and several skin tones, in both 3 inch and 4 inch widths. You can read more about application and removal of SDH Mixtape here

How to Tuck

Please note, we use the terms 'penis', 'scrotum' and 'testicles' to refer to particular body parts when specifically describing the tucking method.

1. Gather your tucking supplies. This may be a pair of tucking underwear / gaff, tape or both. If using tucking underwear, put these on and pull them up to your knees. If using tape, we recommend shaving the area first (you'll thank us when removing the tape!) It's also a good idea to pre-cut the strips of tape to the desired length before you begin. 

2. Use two or three fingers to tuck each testicle up into each corresponding inguinal canal. This should not be painful. If you feel pain, stop and try again later. Some people choose not to tuck the testicles up into the inguinal canal. If you prefer, you can position the testicles back and to the sides. If using this method, choose gaff with a wide enough gusset to make sure there is no side spillage, such as LeoLines.

3. Next pull the penis and scrotum backwards between the legs. This should help keep the testicles tucked up if using this method.

4. Put on your underwear to keep everything in place. Underwear designed specifically for tucking can better provide flatness as they tend have a stiff front panel to keep everything secure. If using tape, place your tape (it's a good idea to pre-cut the strips to the desired length before you begin the tucking steps. Some people use a combination of both tape and underwear.

Bear in mind that you'll have to untuck every time to pee, which can be trickier if using tape as you'll need to carefully remove the tape and reapply each time, so investing some good tucking underwear can be really worth it!

If using tape, be sure to use coconut oil, or something similar, to aid with removal of tape. You can read more about application and removal of SDH Mixtape here


Tucking may be a bit uncomfortable, but it shouldn't be painful. If you feel any pain or discomfort, stop tucking and give yourself a break. Try tucking in comfort at home, where you can easily untuck if needed, until you get used to it.

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