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Meet the Team



Erin is co-founder and manager of Sock Drawer Heroes. They draw on their decade of experience working in community and disability services to ensure we're always meeting the varying and evolving needs of our diverse community.

Their lived experience as a trans non-binary person drives their dedication to supporting our customers with understanding and compassion.

Erin’s absolute favourite thing about Sock Drawer Heroes is receiving lovely messages from and meeting supportive parents of trans and gender diverse kids.

Erin enjoys camping, playing Minecraft, and building things.



Co-founder of Sock Drawer Heroes and Erin's partner, Bec is the spreadsheet master, SEO champion and does many of the behind-the-scenes business tasks.

By day, Bec works in the public health sector with a focus on LGBTQ+ health and inclusion, and is committed to improving the health and wellbeing of the community through both their day job and SDH.

Alongside improving access to life-changing products, Bec enjoys the ever-expanding stationery supplies that come with running Sock Drawer Heroes.

Bec likes patting other people's dogs, bouldering and cartoons, especially Adventure Time and Steven Universe.



Noah is our full-time all-round hero. He works on order fulfillment, customer service, stock management and more. He uses his background in photography to create website and social media imagery.

Noah's lived experience as a young trans man allows him to connect with customers on a personal level.

Noah's favourite part of working at Sock Drawer Heroes is meeting different people at Shop Days, helping them with gender-affirming gear and seeing the positive impact it has on them. He is super happy to part of the SDH, but wishes Cat Damon could come and help at the office (might complain to HR).

Noah loves photography, travelling, and outdoor adventures.



Newest member of the Sock Drawer Heroes team, Soraya packs and processes your orders and returns, and attends to customer enquiries.

For Soraya, the best thing about working at Sock Drawer Heroes is being able to play a small part in helping others to experience gender euphoria and trans joy.

She also loves reading the messages of support that customers include with orders and seeing firsthand the generosity of the trans and gender diverse community and its allies.

Soraya loves cake, buying obscure records, more cake, and playing Dungeons & Dragons.

Cat Damon

Project Manager, Quality Control, Packaging Inspector, String Wrangler. 

“Helps” by sitting on whatever we’re working on.

Cat Damon’s favourite thing about running Sock Drawer Heroes is the endless supply of cardboard boxes available for sitting in.

If you’ve ever bought stickers or patches from us, you might have seen that Cat D has her very own personalised Australia Post stamps.