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Meet The Team

Erin (they/them)

Co-founder of Sock Drawer Heroes, running SDH is Erin's full time gig. Erin uses their #artschool skills to handle all things design and social media, and they also design our small but growing section of SDH original gear.

Enjoys camping, playing Minecraft, listening to podcasts and building things.

Erin’s absolute favourite thing about Sock Drawer Heroes is receiving lovely messages from supportive parents of TGD kids.

Bec (she/they)

Co-founder of Sock Drawer Heroes, Bec is the spreadsheet master, SEO champion and does the boring things like paying bills and ordering stock.

By day, Bec works in the public health sector. They like patting other people's dogs, outdoor activities and cartoons, especially Adventure Time and Steven Universe.

As well as the opportunity to help out the community, Bec enjoys the ever-expanding stationery supplies that come with running Sock Drawer Heroes.

Samuel (he/him)

Sam is our newest team member, Assistant Stockboy, and Cupcake Bringer, working two days a week to help us pack your orders.

He loves crafting, visiting op-shops, and eating mini M&M's. 

His favourite part of working at SDH is sending people milestone gender-affirming gear, like their very first chest binders. He is super excited to be a part of the team and helping the TGD community.

You might have seen his art before too, on our Samuel Luke Art page!

Cat Damon

Project Manager, Quality Control, Packaging Inspector, String Wrangler. 

“Helps” by sitting on whatever we’re working on.

Cat Damon’s favourite thing about running Sock Drawer Heroes is the endless supply of cardboard boxes available for sitting in.

If you’ve ever bought stickers or patches from us, you might have seen that Cat D has her very own personalised Australia Post stamps.

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