Meet The Team



Works in the LGBTIQ health sector, aka “professional queer”.

Likes patting other peoples’ dogs (particularly greyhounds), outdoor activities & cartoons.

Snack preferences include jaffles, various cheeses, and other savoury treats.

As well as the opportunity to help out the community, Bec enjoys the ever expanding stationery supplies that come along with running Sock Drawer Heroes.

Never roaming far from home without a backpack, these are the items that will usually be inside: A book, twenty pens, diary, bottle of water, jumper, and a sports towel for spontaneous swims.


Cat Damon

Project Manager, Quality Control, Packaging Inspector, String Wrangler.

“Helps” by sitting on whatever we’re working on.

Not your typical carnivorous cat, Cat D likes to have baby spinach and other greens hand fed to her.

Usually hiding half eaten biscuits and bits of crunchy old leaves in her fur.




Is a bicycle mechanic in the inner west of Sydney.

Enjoys camping, riding bikes & building things.

As the saltier half of the pair, Erin is more partial to the sweeter side of the snack. There’s not a moment in life that can’t be improved by some ice cream and Snickers Pods.

On an average day, the contents of their pockets will be: A wallet, phone, coffee change, a 5mm allen key, a valve cap and a scrunched up receipt.