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What is an STP?

Promote your brand by using a powerful combination of buttons, custom text, page content and An 'STP' or a 'stand-to-pee' device allows those without a penis to pee standing up. Some STPs can also be used for packing, such as the FTM Pitstop Jimmy STP.

Some people use STPs to help curb gender dysphoria and feel affirmed in their gender. STPs enable trans and gender diverse folk to use public bathrooms, including the urinal.

Like all gender expression gear, using an STP is not something that every gender diverse person chooses to do. It's totally up to you, whether it makes you feel good and helps you affirm your gender.

Different types of STPs

STPs range from plastic non-realistic funnels to hyper-realistic and even custom-made silicone prosthetics.

We stock a basic plastic funnel STP by pStyle, and a range of realistic silicone STP options, including the Packer Gear 5 Inch STPPacker Gear 4 Inch STP, and the FTM Pitstop Jimmy STP available in cut and uncut.

How do you use an STP?

If you do choose to use an STP, know that they can take a bit of practice to perfect. Hold the STP against your body, and point downwards. If you're using a realistic silicone STP, use your fingers to push the balls up towards your body to keep the seal, and use your thumb and fore finger to angle the shaft downwards.

We recommend practicing using it in the shower so you can get used to the right positioning and control of your stream.

Keeping your STP clean

Keep your STP clean and hygienic by washing after each use with warm water and anti-bacterial hand soap or anti-bacterial toy cleaner such as the SDH Good Times Cleaner.

If your STP is silicone, do not store it next to other silicone items as this will damage them.

For silicone STPs, you can lightly dust your STP with cornstarch before storing it to keep moisture out. You can buy 100% cornstarch cheaply from most chemists and grocery stores.