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Our Story

Sock Drawer Heroes is a trans and queer owned physical and online shop for gender expression based in the Inner West of Sydney, Australia on Gadigal land.

A couple since 2016, Bec and Erin started Sock Drawer Heroes in 2018, shortly after Erin began to affirm their gender as a trans masc non-binary person, and struggled to find the gender expression products they needed in Australia. Erin had to order a chest binder from America, which had high international shipping costs and took 6 weeks to arrive. Bec and Erin knew they had to do something to make these life-changing and life-saving products affordable and accessible to trans and gender diverse people in Australia and New Zealand.

In 2022, Bec and Erin opened a physical shop in the Inner West of Sydney. The Sock Drawer Heroes shop is a safe, supportive and affirming space for the trans, gender diverse and queer community of all ages, and their family, friends and allies to learn about and explore gender expression products with Sock Drawer Heroes' gender diverse team on hand to help. Sock Drawer Heroes seeks to meet the needs of our diverse community, and has dedicated sensory-friendly times for those who may prefer a quieter environment.

Sock Drawer Heroes is proud to support our community by stocking other trans owned brands including Carmen Liu Lingerie, Urbody, Origami Customs, Banana Prosthetics, Get Your JoeyFTM Pitstop and Aslan Leather.

Sock Drawer Heroes runs a Pay It Forward Program where you can donate to the provision of free gender expression products - binders, packers and tucking underwear - for those who can't afford to purchase what they need to feel comfortable in their body.

Image credit Noah Prenter