Limpy Packer 5.5 Inch

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These real-feel cyberskin packers are a great, affordable packer for every day use.

This packer works perfectly with Get Your Joey pouches which turn any underwear into packing underwear.

You can check out our blog post about choosing the right packer for you.

Care: Wash with anti-bacterial soap and warm water, pat dry with a lint-free towel and dust with cornstarch to keep the moisture out.

Some packers are prone to colour transfer. This will not affect function at all. Wash your packing pouch or new underwear to avoid colour transfer before using with your packer.

Length: 5.5 inches 

Material: TPE

Colour: Vanilla and Caramel

Also available in 3.5 inch

Get 10% off a Get Your Joey Packer Pouch when you buy any packer. Just use the code PACKERPACKAGE at checkout.

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