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"This is, by far, the best binder I’ve ever owned" - Introducing the Sock Drawer Heroes Chest Binder range

Chest binders are garments which are designed to flatten chest tissue to give the appearance of a flatter and more typically masculine chest. Chest binders can help alleviate feelings of gender dysphoria, anxiety, depression, and improve confidence, mental health and wellbeing.

Finding a high quality, effective chest binder that is effective and affordable can be really tricky.

So Sock Drawer Heroes, set out to make the perfect chest binder, designed with a focus on inclusivity, affordability, and sensory friendliness, and the result was total gender euphoria (customers' words, not ours!)


At Sock Drawer Heroes, we recognise that many trans and gender diverse people have sensory sensitivities that make it difficult to wear certain types of clothing, including binders. SDH chest binders have been designed with concealed inner seams and made with materials that are soft, lightweight, and breathable, making it more comfortable to wear for extended periods of time. 

SDH binders are available in an inclusive size range from 2XS to 5XL, and priced affordably to ensure accessibility. 

  • Size range: 2XS - 5XL to suit all bodies
  • Styles: Short, Long
  • Colours: Black, White, (3 skin tones coming very soon!)
  • Sensory-friendly design (soft fabric, concealed hidden seams and no fabric labels)
  • Designed in Australia by Sock Drawer Heroes, a trans and queer team
  • Made ethically in China with quality materials

"I have used many binders in the past but still felt the need to wear a jumper. I just bought the Sock drawer Heroes brand and all I can say is wow... I now am wearing a T-shirt for the first time in a year! And I’m passing!! This is gender euphoria. Thank you SDH, your store is a blessing."

Sock Drawer Heroes Chest Binder Short

"This is, by far, the best binder I’ve ever owned. The compression is INCREDIBLE, none of the underworks binders I’ve bought come close to how flat this makes my chest!... I genuinely can’t sing enough praises about this binder, it’s amazing and I’m going to be buying more as soon as I can!"

"As an E cup, it can often be difficult finding a binder that not only binds well, but is also comfortable (especially being a plus size!). A lot of other binders have underarm chafing, or annoying tags which pose a sensory nightmare (being autistic doesn't help lol). The SDH binder gives me both good binding and comfort! If you're new to chest binding, or are simply looking for something new, I would highly recommend!" 

Our SDH Chest Binders are launching in 3 skin tones in late October 2023!

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