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SHEATH: Underwear to Pack With

The team at Sock Drawer Heroes sent me a pair of SHEATH underwear to share my thoughts on using them to pack with.

I reviewed the SHEATH 4.0 Dual Pouch Boxer Brief  |  Size: Small (28-30")  |  Colour: Grey

So SHEATH underwear was originally designed for cisgender men, featuring a dual pouch to separate not only the genitals from the inner thigh, but also the shaft from the balls. Turns out this design makes a solid pair of packing underwear for gender diverse folk, *snaps fingers*.

I tried the SHEATH 4.0 Boxer Brief in size Small (28-30"). My absolute favourite thing about SHEATH underwear is how unbelievably comfortable they are. The fabric used is a blend of Modal and Spandex which makes them super soft to touch and very lightweight. I even did a double take before leaving the house to make sure I’d put underwear on. I also noticed how absorbent they were when things got a bit hot and sweaty downstairs.


So, SHEATH underwear wasn’t designed specifically for packing with a prosthetic, BUT they do hold their own against some of the big packing brand names. The inner kangaroo pouch supports the weight of the packer allowing the shaft of the packer to be placed through the O-ring. The shaft of the prosthetic then sits in the outer pouch separated from the balls which sit in the inner pouch.

I pack with the Limpy 5.5 inch and it was able to just fit in the outer pouch, but this was because the Limpy packer is particularly soft, allowing the tip to squish up and bit and curl down. Having said that, I think that smaller packers work best with SHEATH. The outer pouch does a good job at keeping everything hidden and has the additional feature of a side fly allowing quick access for urination which works great for stand to pee devices.

I personally found the sizing of SHEATH to be a little generous, so if you like firm fitting underwear then consider sizing down. I’m usually a 29-30" waist and wore the size Small (28-30") and it was a little bit larger than I usually wear my boxers.

If you're in the market for some incredibly comfortable underwear, then SHEATH is the way to go. Even though this underwear isn’t specifically made for packing, with their inner dual pouch, they are a great option for use with prosthetics like packers and stand to pee devices.

Darcy Lee (he/him)

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