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Underworks Tri-Top Chest Binder Tan 983

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 The Underworks Tri-Top Chest Binder offers extreme compression to achieve a flat chest. This style is similar to the Underworks Cotton Lined Power Chest Binder Short 975 but without the cotton lining.

Currently this binder is only available in Tan. If you want Black or White we recommend getting the Underworks Cotton Lined Power Chest Binder Short 975 as it is the same binder but more comfortable with the cotton lining. However, if you want the Tri-Top in Black or White send us an email to and we can order it in for you. 

Colour: Tan 

Material: 70% Nylon / 30% Spandex

Product Code: 983

Compression Level

Size Guide

CHEST (in) 28-30 31-33 34-36 37-40 41-44 45-48 49-53
CHEST (cm) 71-76 79-84 86-91 94-102 104-112 114-122 125-135

How to measure: With arms down by your sides, take a snug measurement around the fullest part of your chest, over the nipples without clothing.

Care guide: Hand wash regularly in warm or cold water, or wash on a gentle cycle in a delicates bag. Dry flat or hang to dry. We don't recommend ironing your binder. Do not tumble dry.

For more tips on binding, check out our Chest Binding Resource

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews

Absolutely love the custom packaging it came in!! The binder is the perfect fit, even as my shoulders gain muscle!


I am overwhelmed at how good this binds!!! I have quite a large chest and have always felt dysphoric with it but this does an amazing job at binding them to almost flat. I highly recommend getting this!!!
It is slightly uncomfortable around the arms but it’s not too bad.

Thanks so much for the review! Glad you love this binder :)

Tri Top chest binder size S

Excellent compression! It makes my chest almost flat (35 cm) and I can still breathe well in it! People noticed the difference instantly and it’s still comfortable! I thought I’d never be able to achieve this flat of a chest but SDH made that possible.

Shipping was fast and they were so good with the returns (I ordered a L and it was way too big cause I’m built like a twig) :)

Recommend this binder if you want a super flat chest!

Binds the best of the three underworks options

I bought one each of the tri top, economical, and cotton lined binders.
- the tri top binder binds the best of the three
- I have sensory sensitivities and this one is decently comfortable
-the neckline is the highest of the three so its visible under some clothing
- it's less comfortable than the cotton lined one
- it digs in a little under the arms

There are a few things I wish I could change, but this binder is definitely one of the better ones for balancing flatness with comfort.

good binder

i have a small chest but its binds well and isn’t super uncomfortable.

some people say the arm holes are too small but as a chubby person they were fine for me.

i wear primarily men’s shirts and the neckline usually doesn’t show.

i find that the bottom rolls up sometimes, to try and stop this i’ve sewed the bottom of a tshirt to the bottom of the binder, it helps a little but i don’t think its a preventable issue.

over all works well for me!