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SDH Chest Binder Range

With years of our own personal experiences wearing chest binders, listening to our customers' feedback, consulting with our trans and gender diverse community and working closely with a team of garment technicians and designers, we have created the Sock Drawer Heroes chest binder range.

We focused on developing binders that provide effective chest compression while being comfortable, sensory-friendly, affordable, size inclusive and safe.

Check out how our SDH chest binders compared against other chest binder brands in a review by Fashion Journal.

  • Size range: 2XS - 5XL to suit all bodies
  • Styles: short, long
  • Colours: black, white, 3 skin tones
  • Sensory-friendly design (soft fabric, concealed hidden seams and no fabric labels)
  • Designed in Australia by Sock Drawer Heroes, a trans and queer team
  • Made ethically in China with quality materials

Road Test: I tried five different binders, here’s how it went

Words by Jackie Zhou