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SDH Chest Binder Short Black

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Welcome to your new favourite chest binder for excellent compression, comfort and gender euphoria!

Our SDH Chest Binders are designed to provide effective chest binding while being comfortable, sensory-friendly and safe to wear. We’ve created our binders to be size inclusive (2XS – 5XL) and one of the most affordable quality binders on the market.

The SDH Chest Binder has a sleek and discreet design, which can be worn under clothing with little to no visibility. 

Our binders are made from a high-quality, breathable fabric that stretches to fit your body perfectly, providing a secure fit that stays in place all day.  


  • Size range: 2XS - 5XL 
  • Underarm contour to minimise chafing
  • Discreet neckline to reduce visibility under clothing
  • Concealed inner seams for sensory comfort
  • Heat press label to reduce irritation
  • 100% cotton inner panel for highly effective compression
  • Super soft and breathable 74% Nylon and 26% Lycra outer shell
  • Designed in Australia by the trans and queer team at Sock Drawer Heroes
  • Made ethically in China

Compression Level

Colour: Black. Also available in White, Light Skin Tone, Medium Skin Tone, Dark Skin Tone

Style: Short. Also available in Long

Size Guide

How to measure: With arms down by your sides, take a snug measurement around the fullest part of your chest, over the nipples without clothing.

Care guide: Hand wash regularly in warm or cold water, or wash on a gentle cycle in a delicates bag. Dry flat or hang to dry. We don't recommend ironing your binder. Do not tumble dry.

For more tips on binding, check out our Chest Binding Resource

Customer Reviews

Based on 36 reviews
Very comfortable!

It would be nice if it could flatten my chest a bit more but I have a D cup and I think it is doing the most it can while still being safe to use. At the same time however I can wear a T-shirt that fits me and my chest looks visibly very close to perfectly flat. It is very comfortable and easy to take on and off. I have sensitive skin and the material feels very nice on it. I usually get a bit squeamish when I feel like I am getting squeezed, but this binder feels comforting and surprisingly does not squeeze very much. Having it be a crop top helps for wearing during the summer months and is still comfortable with layering. Would definitely recommend.


Really good, I maybe should’ve gone smaller, but it does the job mostly!! Very comfortable, not aggressive or offensive textures, nice distribution of load bearing.

Reliable and comfortable, with great service

This is my third binder I’ve owned, with my first two bought when I was a teenager that I grew out of a long time ago. I decided to try a new brand (as the ones I bought originally have gone down in quality in recent years) and I couldn’t be happier with SDH! I have sensory issues and the binder is comfortable, binds great, and looks so affirming. SDH even included a personalized note with a little drawing on it that absolutely made my day. It arrived very quick as well. Happy to support a caring and kind group <3

kaerizma Roth
The best and most comfortable binder

This is my first binder, I was expecting it to be so uncomfortable but it is literally more comfortable then most bras i've worn. The gender euphoria it has given me is out of this world.
I bought it in store and the staff were amazing. So incredibly helpful. Not to mention Erin making my experience even better when i shared about it online. Couldnt recommend more!!

Chrys Smith
Comfortable and Sensory Friendly

This is my first ever binder I bought, so I don’t really have any others to base it off. But from the ones I felt that my sibling has bought before, this one felt so comfortable and it didn’t make it hard to breathe or anything like that. I also have a connective tissue disorder that makes my joints dislocate easily, and this was easier for me to put on than most bras are which is a really good thing for this. I found once it was on I barely felt it, and it didn’t impact my ability to use my wheelchair either.
I would absolutely recommend this binder for those with sensory issues or anything along that line.