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How to Be You

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Stop trying to be someone else and start living your life. 

A warm-hearted guide to accepting and celebrating yourself as you are - from Jeffrey Marsh, the kindest person on the internet.

'Earth-shatteringly brilliant, Jeffrey will soothe your soul' - Bustle

Too short? Too weird? Too quiet? Not true. Let internet superstar Jeffrey Marsh help you end those negative thoughts and discover how wonderful you are.

Lighting the path to self-acceptance and self-compassion, Jeffrey Marsh helps you discover patterns in your life that may be holding you back. In this interactive workbook, Jeffrey shares wisdom gleaned from their own experience 'growing up fabulous in a small farming town' before they knew they were queer and non-binary, and offers inspiring stories of hero/ines who have transcended the stereotypes of race, age and gender to help you discover that you are not alone.

With workbook pages and colouring charts to help you on your journey, How to Be You speaks to everyone who feels like they don't belong. Jeffrey shows you how to deepen your relationship with yourself and find the courage to be the amazing person you already are.


Published: May 2022