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SDH x Samuel Luke Art Limited Edition Fundraiser Print

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This Limited Edition Print designed by queer and trans artist, Samuel Luke, has been commissioned by Sock Drawer Heroes to raise funds to support the development of our own Chest Binder range. Samuel's art explores the intimate realities of being trans using graphic narratives.

This print is a Limited Edition of 250, individually signed and numbered by Samuel Luke. Printed on 210 x 297 mm 200gsm uncoated paper. 

The SDH x Samuel Luke Limited Edition Fundraiser design is also available as limited edition T-shirt.

All proceeds will go towards the ongoing development of the Sock Drawer Heroes Chest Binder range.

Over the past four years, through selling a diverse range of chest binder styles and brands, we have been able to gather valuable insights into what makes an effective and comfortable binder. We are designing our range using both our personal experiences with binding, and years of feedback from our customers.

About the Design by Samuel Luke

"I feel connected to this shared experience of found comfort"

Everyone's experience of being trans and/or gender diverse is different, but we are all on the journey to become more comfortable within ourselves. There's a deeper level of connection within the trans community, and there's always room to grow as you discover more about yourself. 

Sock Drawer Heroes have been a key supporting role in so many trans and gender diverse peoples' lives, providing gender affirming products, resources, and hope to positive trans futures. 

I illustrated my Gender Explorer character floating through space, in search of support. They discover Sock Drawer Heroes, which ignites a spark within, and they connect with community. 

SDH's iconic paper wrapped parcels tied off with string float in space, and the Gender Explorer finally has something to hold onto, and feels less alone. 

It's a nostalgic representation of SDH's impact on me personally, in the art style I used when I first met SDH in 2018. - Samuel Luke

Image Description of design: [Digital illustration in white lines on a flat navy blue background. Text and illustrations of astronauts in space, hands, diamond stars and wrapped parcels are scattered around. Text says "I feel connected to this shared experience of found comfort". From the top left corner, a hand reaches out and a spark comes from their fingertips. A small wrapped package floats in space. An astronaut, not tethered to anything, reaches out towards it. They are wearing SDH socks and a SDH lightning bolt patch on their back. A shooting star is above them. More parcels float by, the 4 parcels in the image are positioned in the shape of a lightning bolt. The astronaut holds onto their new parcel, eyes closed, and a large spark radiates from their upper body, surrounding them. S D H is written out in morse code symbols, of dots and dashes, signalling for connection in this space. Two hands touch, igniting another spark.]