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Silicone Breast Forms

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These Breast Forms, made from 100% silicone, are perfect for creating the appearance of fuller breasts, with their realistic look and feel.

Sold as a pair, including soft cotton covers.

Material: 100% lightweight silicone


  • Small: Length: 6 inches, Height 3 inches
  • Medium: Length: 7 inches, Height: 3.5 inches 


  • Small: 100g per breast form
  • Medium: 160g per breast form 


The breast forms have a protective TPU outer film, this should not be removed.

We recommend daily washing by hand with a mild soap or liquid detergent, then rinsed in clean water and dried with a soft towel. The cotton covers can be machine washed in a delicates bag on a gentle low temperature cycle.

Pointed or sharp items can damage your breast forms, e.g. pins, finger nails, nail files, scissors etc. So take care with these while wearing your breast forms.

Some substances can damage the film coating of your breast forms including insect repellent (Deet), suncream and acetone (nail polish remover). Wash your hands before handling your breast forms.