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SDH Chest Binder Long Black

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Welcome to your new favourite chest binder for excellent compression, comfort and gender euphoria!

Our SDH Chest Binders are designed to provide effective chest binding while being comfortable, sensory-friendly and safe to wear. We’ve created our binders to be size inclusive (2XS – 5XL) and one of the most affordable quality binders on the market.

The SDH Chest Binder has a sleek and discreet design, which can be worn under clothing with little to no visibility. 

Our binders are made from a high-quality, breathable fabric that stretches to fit your body perfectly, providing a secure fit that stays in place all day.

On this long style, the 100% cotton inner chest panel is half length covering just the upper half of the torso. The lower half matches the back with a breathable 74% Nylon and 26% Lycra construction. 


  • Size range: 2XS - 5XL 
  • Underarm contour to minimise chafing
  • Discreet neckline to reduce visibility under clothing
  • Concealed inner seams for sensory comfort
  • Heat press label to reduce irritation
  • 100% cotton inner panel for highly effective compression
  • Super soft and breathable 74% Nylon and 26% Lycra outer shell
  • Designed in Australia by the trans and queer team at Sock Drawer Heroes
  • Made ethically in China

Compression Level

Colour: Black. Also available in White, Light Skin Tone, Medium Skin Tone, Dark Skin Tone

Style: Long. Also available in Short

Size Guide

How to measure: With arms down by your sides, take a snug measurement around the fullest part of your chest, over the nipples without clothing.

Care guide: Hand wash regularly in warm or cold water, or wash on a gentle cycle in a delicates bag. Dry flat or hang to dry. We don't recommend ironing your binder. Do not tumble dry.

For more tips on binding, check out our Chest Binding Resource.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Just absoloutly fantastic!

Okay so, this binder is just... amazing. My first binder was an Underworks one, and I don't want to trash Underworks because some really like it, but man there was just little issues I had that were solved by SDH's own binder. I'm large and in charge, 4xl binder with a 22DD/E chest. So ya boi is chunky yet funky. Now it obviously won't 100% flatten your chest, but it still flattens it pretty well and I mean, sort of similar to plus size AMAB folks out there. It doesn't fully compress your body unlike the Underworks one, so it can be a hit or a miss in that department but it still does a decent job, but we're not here to bind our stomach's were here to bind our chests!

The one thing I was super concerned about, which my Underworks one does similar is that it rolls up. Even if I wear a belt and pants or whatever, it rolls up. SDH's binder... just doesn't. And I've got some pretty decent hips too. And if it does roll up slightly (like you might leave it at your hips rather than it going over your thighs) it doesn't hurt at all, or dig into the skin. I also felt super comfortable wearing it to work and to outings where I wore it for 5+ hours. It does hang close to my armpits but that's me, and I'm not a huge sensory person but it's not as scratchy as Underworks either.

Also sizing is fantastic, I don't need a second person to help me put on and off my binder either. While this binder is pricey, it's honestly a MUST for plus size + big chested folks! Don't walk, RUN!

Best binder I've ever used

Im plus size with a large chest (E Cup) and this binder has gotten me the flattest of all the other binders ive tried. Obviously I cant get completely flat with my size but this made feel like I actually look masc with my body shape.

Its very comfortable, I wore it to work for 8 hours and had no pain. Also the armpit region sits closer to my armpit than other brands ive tried which is amazing as it helps keep everything in place.

The size was accurate too, when I first tried to put it on I thought it was going to be too small but once it was actually on it fit perfect and was easy to take off.

This is 100% replacing my underworks binder as my every day binder, recommend if youre larger chested and struggling to find a binder that works well.


Happy with this binder. Comfortable


I have tried a large range of binders from every manufacturer that I could find. This is by far the best binder I have tried.
I have serious sensory issues with clothing and usually have had to wear something underneath my binders to feel comfortable. As soon as I got this out of the package I was sure I would not need to and I was right. The compression is excellent, and the sizing is accurate.
I love the longer binders as it doesn't require readjustment when you are sitting down and getting up all the time. unlike other full-length binders I have tried it doesn't end up going halfway down my legs which always made me feel dysphoric. It is the right length and the right compression. I can comfortably (as comfortable as binding is ever going to be) wear it all day.

very comfortable & compresses well

This is the first binder I've ever bought and it does exactly what I hoped it would! The compression is good and it flattens my chest better than I expected honestly. The material is very soft, and it feels good to wear underneath regular clothes.

Sizing is pretty accurate, my chest is ~110 cm around so I bought a Large, and it fits well. It leaves some red marks around the bottom of the compression section, but that's to be expected with it's purpose. Overall, a good binder and definitely worth the price!