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pStyle STP

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The pStyle is a urination device for people who need to redirect their flow in order to stand to pee. Handy for public toilets, urinals, camping, travel & adventures.

The rigid design allows it to be easily positioned, and rounded back edge can be used to wipe. The pStyle is easy to clean. You can use soap & water, wet wipes, or give it a good shake off until you're able to wash it.

The pCase makes it easier to have the pStyle with you when you need it. 

Length: H 3.8cm x W 3.8cm x L 19cm

Material: BPA and phthalate free polypropylene

Colour: Turquoise, Fuchsia, Black, Olive, Oceanworks Recycled Plastic, Skin tone B , Skin tone C and Skin tone D 

Care: Wash with anti-bacterial toy cleaner or soap and warm water.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Great. Can not wait to use it 'in the wild'

Got my Pstyle yesterday. Used it for the first time today. Was feeling brave (and a bit excited) so skipped the training in the shower, straight to the loo.
Worked great. Easy to use. I'm dry. No drips. Easy to aim. Easy to wash
Highly recommend.
Can't wait to go fishing or bush walking to use it 'in the wild'.

Bronson Lloyd

I’ve had it for less then a week it’s been so great. I’m still learning to use stand and go and only spilled twice. It’s good for people who are bigger . It’s a good learner STP I’ve have used another cheap STP and this is way better . I haven’t used in public yet just waiting till I’m more comfortable using it but it’s so great 😀