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Pheonix Goes to School

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"You know who you are," she says,
"Just be yourself and always listen to your heart."

With those words of encouragement from her Mum, Phoenix is preparing for her first day of school. She is excited but scared of being bullied because of her gender identity and expression. Yet when she arrives at school she finds help and support from teachers and friends, and finds she is brave enough to talk to other kids about her gender!

This empowering and brightly-illustrated children's book is written by Mum, Michelle, and daughter Phoenix Finch.

Suitable for children aged 5+ to help them with gender identity in a fun, uplifting way. It supports trans children who are worried about being bullied or misunderstood.

Suited to families with children who wish to discuss gender diversity. It can also be used by schools and anyone working with gender expansive children including support groups and organisations.


Published: September 2018