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Me and My Dysphoria Monster

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Me & My Dysphoria Monster is an empowering illustrated children’s book to help trans and gender diverse children cope with gender dysphoria.

Gender dysphoria can feel overpowering and distressing, which is visually represented as a monster that follows young Nisha around, growing bigger and bigger.

When people refer to her as a boy, or when Nisha tries to hide her true gender identity, Nisha's dysphoria monster grows larger and larger. Until, one day, Nisha meets Jack - a trans man - who shows Nisha how she can shrink her dysphoria monster back down to size.

This touching story is the perfect book for discussing gender dysphoria with children, explaining what it is and how they and their families can find support and affirm their gender.

It also includes an accompanying guide for parents with further information about gender dysphoria, terminology, and first-hand examples of the author's own experiences as a queer trans woman.

Suitable for ages 5+


Published: November 2022