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Get Your Joey Packing Pouch Black - Sport Junior

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Keep your junk secure in your trunks with Get Your Joey's Sport Junior packing pouch.

Get Your Joeys are handmade in Canada by a trans owned and operated company. 

The Junior is 3.5” x 6”, perfect for people under 5’1” who want a better anatomically placed pouch and for people who pack with smaller packers like the Archer Small or Limpy 3.5.

Some packers advise against putting the shaft through a hole and some people want a comfortable and extra secure option for packing when they are active, so Get Your Joeys made the Sport Joey. Sport Joey comes with an internal divider to keep the packer in place without having a hole - perfect for added security when exercising. 

How to Use

  • Turn the pouch inside out

  • Insert your packer so that it fits comfortably at the bottom of the pouch

  • Turn the pouch the right way out

  • Pin the Joey onto any briefs, boxers, swim suit, trunks, etc. with the solid panel against your body

  • The pin should be attached to the bottom edge of the waistband of your briefs

Dimensions (approximate since Joeys are not factory-made): 

  • Ballsy 4”x8”
  • Classic 4”x7”
  • Bantam 3.5”x7”
  • Junior 3.5”x6” (no inner lining)

Material: Cotton front, moisture-wicking, anti-microbial polyester back. 

Care: Remove safety pin and hand wash or machine wash cold. 

Some packers are prone to colour transfer.  This will not affect function at all. Wash your Joey Pouch before packing. SDH and GYJ are not responsible for wear on packers.