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Rebent Sinner

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Award-winning trans storyteller Ivan Coyote takes on the patriarchy and the personal in their latest collection of essays.

Ivan Coyote is one of North America's preeminent storytellers and performers. In their latest, Ivan takes on the patriarchy and the political, as well as the intimate and the personal in these beguiling and revealing stories of what it means to be trans and non-binary today, at a time in their life when they must carry the burden of heartbreaking history with them, while combatting those who would misgender them or deny their very existence.

Rebent Sinner is the work of an accomplished artist whose plain truths about their experience will astound readers with their utter, breathtaking humanity.


Published: December 2019

Customer Reviews

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Ivan Coyote is a marvellous storyteller

I picked up this book at the SDH World Pride pop up store and I’m so grateful I did. This book is full of beautifully profound, touching and thought provoking story-telling that stays with you long after reading this collection of stories.

The SDH staff were absolutely lovely and also gave me a few recommendations based on my purchased which I’ve also really enjoyed reading (Tom Boy Survival Guide & Amateur) Thank you so much!