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No tape measure? No problem!

When determining your size for a binder, gaff or t-shirt, taking precise measurements is key for a good fit. A flexible cloth measuring tape is best for this, but if you don’t have one on hand, there are a few other ways to take measurements.

We will give instructions on the easiest one here.

Step 1: Gather your tools

We will be showing you how to use string and a ruler to take your measurements.

If you do not have string, any item that is flexible will do eg. shoe lace, cable, ribbon.

Step 2: Taking a measurement


Wrap the string around your back over your shoulder blades, under the armpits, and across the fullest part of your chest - usually across the nipples, but this could be higher or lower. Every body is unique!
Ensure that you do not pull whatever material you’re using to measure too tightly around the chest.


Find this point by observing where the torso creases when bending side to side, and note that it will fall above the bellybutton and below the ribcage.

Be sure to exhale and relax before you take a waist measurement. The abdomen shouldn’t be enlarged with air, sucked in smaller, or otherwise in an unnatural or unrelaxed state.


Wrap the string around your hips at their fullest point to determine hip size.Take a few different measurements if you need to ensure that you find the widest point.

If you’re taking the measurement on yourself, make sure the string is level across your hips and butt by observing yourself in a mirror.

Step 3: Use ruler to determine length of measurement

Once you have used the string to measure around your body, you can mark the length using a pen or cutting the string.

Grab your ruler and measure the string against it.

You might have to do this more than one stage, depending on the length of measurement or size of your ruler.

If your ruler is in centimeters and you need your measurement in inches there is a lot of free conversions tools online.

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