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Preparing Print

Preparing Print

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“Preparing” shows Samuel burying a chest binder in the ground, pressing it down, and watching it break-down and seep into the surrounding soil. This physically represents the act of compressing his chest while wearing a chest binder, but also saying goodbye to this experience, as he prepares to have top surgery. His breast tissue was damaged over the years, and was removed during surgery. He relates digging up the earth, and preparing the soil for nourishment, to future growth. 

‘Preparing’ and ‘Tending’ are comics about tenderness and touch, as well as how the body heals and changes in response to trauma. He relates the experiences of chest binding and top surgery to gardening, reflecting the patience, strength and care necessary to grow.

Pink and blue Polychromos pencils on 200gsm paper

Original illustration NFS


Unframed A3 print

Digitally printed on 200gsm uncoated paper. 

Signed, First edition of 5.

29.7cm x 42cm

Additional prints available on request.

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