JimmyJane Menstrual Cups

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Bleeding is not gendered!

For those who want to take a more environmentally friendly approach to dealing with their menstrual cycle, get yourself a JimmyJane Menstrual Cup.

These cups come in a pack of two - for heavy & light days, or perhaps one size will feel more comfortable than the other. Either way, the options are there.

Made from silicone, available in Clear & Purple, 1 year warranty.


Diameter: Regular - 1.8 in. (45mm) | Small - 1.7 in. (43mm) 

Cup Length: Regular - 2 in. (50mm) | Small - 1.6 in. (40mm) 

Total Length: Regular - 2.6 in. (65mm) | Small - 2.2 in. (55mm)

Capacity: Regular - 21ml | Small - 14ml

*We chose to stock this particular brand as their website & promotional videos use non gendered language. Unfortunately their is one gendered reference on the packaging, which we have chosen to remove. We have given feedback to the company and hopefully they can edit this on future packaging.

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