Carmen Liu Lace Thong Black

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This gorgeous satin and lace panty shouts powerful and beautiful, just like you. 

All Carmen Liu panties are specifically designed for pre-op transwomen, no-op transwomen, non-binary folk and anyone who wants to tuck. No tape or other garments are needed when tucking with all Carmen Liu panties.

Made from flawless Italian satin fabric, finished with a classic luxurious floral lace. 92% Polyester, 8% Elastane, 100% Cotton Gusset.

Carmen Liu sizes differ from all other high street brands, so please measure before you buy and refer to the Carmen Liu size guide.

When measuring, make sure to measure the hips and not the waist (naval).

If you measure between sizes, go up a size, not down. 

Colour: Boldly Black (also available in Soft LavenderSmokey Grey, Bloomin' Wet and Poisoned Petal)

Receive 20% off when buying two or more items in the Carmen Liu panty range.