Get Your Joey Packing Pouch Sharks - No Hole Junior

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Keep your junk secure in your trunks with Get Your Joey's Junior No Hole packing pouch.

The Junior is 3.5” x 6”, perfect for people under 5’1” who want a better anatomically placed pouch and for people who pack with smaller packers like the Archer Small, Pierre Small, or Mr. Limpy XS.

Some packers advise against putting the shaft through a hole and some people want a comfortable and extra secure option for packing when they are active, so Get Your Joeys made the No Hole Joey. 


  • Turn the pouch inside out

  • Insert your packer so that it fits comfortably at the bottom of the pouch

  • Turn the pouch the right way out

  • Pin the Joey onto any briefs, boxers, swim suit, trunks, etc. with the solid panel against your body

  • The pin should be attached to the bottom edge of the waistband of your briefs

Material: Cotton front, moisture-wicking, anti-microbial polyester back. 

Care: Remove safety pin and hand wash or machine wash cold. 

Get Your Joeys are handmade in Canada by a trans owned and operated company. 

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