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Gay Boy

Gay Boy

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‘Gay Boy’ is Samuel’s first comic series about his sexuality as a gay trans man. He delves into his doubts and fears, sharing intimate insights of coming to terms with an identity he feels so close to, yet so removed from. He overlays illustrations of himself shirtless, baring his post-op chest and his empty underwear, with text about his sexuality. He questions past and future lovers, as well as the objectification or tokenisation of the trans body in cis gay male spaces.

 'Gay Boy' was created for ‘Mardi Queer', a group exhibition at Goodspace Gallery, NSW, celebrating “Joy is Resistance". March 8 - 10, 2021. 

First and second edition printing of 25. 

15cm x 21.2cm

12 pages

Each zine is numbered and signed by Samuel and comes with a sticker!

Individual pages from ‘Gay Boy’ are available as prints here!

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