5-piece Vaginal Dilator Set

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Dilators are used for a number of reasons, including as part therapy for vaginismus and after treatment for gynecological cancers.

These uniquely designed 5-piece dilator kits are ergonomically curved and gradually sized to allow for gentle dilation.  

Use the small dilator to begin and as you gentle exerciser and increase the elasticity of muscles, advance to the larger sizes. The hypoallergenic premium silicone is body safe, unscented and phthalate free. Use with a water based lubricant. 

Material: 100% body safe silicone


3.33″ x 1.8″ / 8.46cm x 3cm (Dilator 1)
3.12″ x 0.97″ / 7.92cm x 2.46cm (Dilator 2)
3.02″ x 0.85″ / 7.67cm x 2.16cm (Dilator 3)
2.96″ x 0.74″ / 7.52cm x 1.88cm (Dilator 4)
2.67″ x 0.53″ / 6.78cm x 1.35cm (Dilator 5)

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