Body in Retrograde

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Body in Retrograde is a collection of comics by local trans artist Samuel Luke that illustrate some of the complications Samuel experienced while healing from his top surgery.

The comic uses cosmic themes to address unexpected imperfections about his surgery results; focusing on the scar formation, open wounds and concave tissue in the chest. He relates these bodily experiences to planetary bodies, blackholes, impact craters, retrograde orbits, and even supernovae. The work is centred in outer space, yet grounded in the reality of having a body in recovery.

16 pages.

First Edition of 50.

Digitally printed in 2020.

Saddle-stitch bound.

A5 size (148 x 210 mm).

Each Body in Retrograde book comes with a free Body in Retrograde sticker.

100% of the purchase goes to the artist.

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