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SDH Chest Binder Fundraiser

Hello! We are launching a fundraiser to support the development of our very own chest binder range, which is a huge step for our small trans-owned business. 

Over the past four years, through selling a diverse range of chest binder styles and brands, we have been able to gather valuable insights into what makes an effective and comfortable binder. 

We are designing our chest binder range using both our personal experiences with binding, and years of feedback from our customers.

We have always self-funded Sock Drawer Heroes, but for this, we recognise that we will need a little bit of help to get such a big project off the ground.

We have commissioned a very special artwork from @SamuelLukeArt which will be available as a Limited Edition Print and T-shirt. You can also donate directly to the fundraiser.

The SDH Chest Binder range will launch in mid 2022.

Thank you so for your support,

Erin & Bec

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