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Packer Gear 5 Inch STP

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This entry level 5 inch STP, made from 100% body safe silicone, is a durable yet affordable realistic stand to pee device.

Great as a first STP, is has a deep cup and large hole to allow for a more free flowing pee stream which makes learning to use an STP easier.

This STP is can be also be worn as a packer.

Length: 5 inches

Material: 100% Body safe silicone

Colour: Light, Dark 

Also available in 5 inch Ultra-Soft 

Care: Wash with anti-bacterial toy cleaner or soap and warm water, pat dry with a with a lint-free towel and dust with cornstarch to keep the moisture out. 

Some packers and STPs are prone to colour transfer. This will not affect function at all. Wash your packing pouch or new underwear to avoid colour transfer before using with your packer.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews

Great STP, can be a bit awkward as a packer because it's a bit stiff, great product overall. Packaging was nice and discreet if that's a concern.

great first time stp

i myself dont have a lot of bottom dysphoria, i just need something there, doesnt matter size, detail, ect... i like it. its ok looking and feels good. you can tell its made from cheap material, which doesnt matter to me as long as its sturdy.

packer: 2/5 not the best but i can live with it

stp: 5/5 works well and the bowl sort of thing is great, love it, makes me feel more like myself.

Happy to have it

This is my first packer/STP and I'm happy with it. I bought it along with the "Sheath 4.0 Boxer Brief Flower of Life" packing boxer briefs. I bought it because I wanted an STP, but have found that I mainly enjoy using it as a packer.

As a packer, it fits pretty well in the boxer briefs but I have found that I have to adjust it a bit every now and then. Perhaps because my boxer briefs are a bit large. I'm still getting used to how I'd like it to sit, but I'm sure this will change as I get more familiar with it.

As an STP I've found it pretty easy to use. I've only used it at home so far and it's pretty easy to get used to.

Discreet packaging is also a plus if you're not out to your family. I'm happy to have it and would recommend it!

Great Quality!

As soon as I opened it I was super happy! It’s a really nice material, feels great! It’s my first packer/STP and, while it was confusing as to exactly how to wear it and which parts go where, it ended up being super easy to put on right. It was also super easy to use to go to the bathroom with! First try in the shower and no problems!