Transitional Spaces

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Transitional Spaces is a poetry comic by local trans artist Samuel Luke. Transitional Spaces is has been adapted into a zine format from content Samuel created in 2016, before he started testosterone or had top surgery. 

It shows a photograph of Samuel in his chest binder, before delving into illustrations of his body parts fragmented and drifting in space amongst asteroids. The illustrations are accompanied by a poem, discussing his thoughts about existing in a trans body.

The zine also proposes a ‘future body’ drifting in space; an edited photograph of Samuel with his body parts ‘stitched’ back together, finally feeling whole again.

14 pages.

First Edition of 50. 

Digitally printed in 2020.

Saddle-stitch bound.

A5 size (148 x 210 mm)

100% of the purchase goes to the artist.

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