How to be a Gender Explorer, Issue 1 (2nd Edition: Space Purple Variant)

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How to be a Gender Explorer is currently a two-part graphic narrative series about gender exploration and self discovery.

The story is based on Samuel Luke’s ongoing personal experiences of being transgender, and uses metaphors of outer space to represent infinite and expanding possibilities of exploration, personal growth, diverse expressions of one’s gender identity as a transgender person. The books provide positive affirmations and validation to other Gender Explorers on similar journeys of transition, to create awareness, understanding, and acceptance of being transgender.

28 pages.

Second Edition of 50.

Digitally printed in 2020.

Saddle-stitch bound.

A5 size (148 x 210 mm).

Purchases of Gender Explorer come with an A5 print of a page from the series.

100% of the purchase goes to the artist.

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