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Top Surgery Starter Pack

We recently were made aware of this brilliant resource and wanted to share it with you all.

The Top Surgery Starter Pack is a resource pack for trans masc people considering
or in the process of getting top surgery. Developed by Leo Fenech and funded by a
Women Victoria project grant, the website contains info, tips, resources, personal
stories and support to help people navigate the process of getting top surgery.

It is a difficult task to research and navigate through the complexities of top
surgery here in Australia. People typically spend countless hours and hundreds of
dollars locating and communicating with doctors, surgeons, health services,
private clinics, and community health workers. Very few (if any), relevant support
programs or organisations exist purely to serve the trans community. Those that
do cannot possibly meet the varied needs of such a diverse community of people.

In recently navigating their own top surgery, Starter Pack developer, Leo Fenech
was frustrated by the lack of up-to-date, locally relevant information and support
here in Australia. Leo said:

“The process of researching top surgery feels a bit like detective work. Through
determined research you can extrapolate ‘clues’ as to what the process might
look like by gathering bits of information relevant to the US or the UK, and from
word of mouth, but the picture is incomplete. The Starter Park pulls all the
necessary information together to take the detective work out of researching top
surgery here in Australia.”

With a small grant awarded through the Ideally project, a gender equality
program led by Women Victoria (formerly Office of Women) and YLab, the Starter
Pack was born.

Designed to break down the top surgery process, the website delves deep into the
many different procedures, practical tips for post-op care and helpful resources,
along with information on fundraising and finding a surgeon. Told through
personal stories and centred on lived experience, the Starter Pack is unique to
trans masc top surgery and provides an effective model for other starter packs.

The Top Surgery Starter Pack can be accessed here:

Leo Fenech
Leo enjoys spending his time divided between supporting young trans folk and
making earrings that look like mushrooms. Through discovering his own trans
identity, Leo experienced the lack of resources available to help guide young
people through the difficult process of transitioning. Artistic and expressive, Leo
uses his creativity to engage allies and produce material to help others on their
journey. Leo has received a number of scholarships to support his peer mentoring
and community-building projects at his university. When he isn’t advocating for
social justice issues, Leo can be found in a chemistry lab, completing his Bachelor
of Science, or at his work bench, crafting intricate jewellery.

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