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Get Pumped: A review of the New York Toy Collective Transmasc Pump

The team at Sock Drawer Heroes sent me this product to review for them. Thanks to New York Toy Collective we finally have a pump designed and marketed to transmasculine folk. The Transmasc Pump is designed to temporarily increase external growth and sensation for masturbation and sex (Wahoo).

I was immediately excited when this package arrived because the pump comes in the most affirming packaging I have ever seen: hand-drawn image of a transmasculine person with top surgery scars and also has an image of junk with growth!

Image shows two sides of the box with a hand drawn image of the pump being used on post testosterone anatomy

It’s super easy to set up, just push the small end of the tube onto the pump and the large end of the tube onto the cylinder and away you go. Once you are set up find a comfortable, quiet and private spot to sit. Use some water-based lube to prepare your junk (I’m using the neutral term ‘junk’ throughout to refer to presumed female at birth anatomy) before popping the cylinder on. The cylinder has a 3cm comfort flange which can accommodate pre testosterone and post testosterone junk. Slowly pump the trigger up and down with one hand and away you go. 


Image shows individual parts of the pump, the pump, the tube and a small cylinderImage shows the black pump put together

During pumping I found the feeling to be similar to a gentle tugging sensation (ohh boy) due to the blood flow increasing in your junk. If you feel any pain or discomfort while pumping, press the air release button to release the suction. The first week I was only comfortable pumping for 5 minutes once a day and at a moderate suction. After a week I became more familiar with the sensation of pumping and I was able to increase pumping time to 10 minutes and at an increased suction.

Post pump your junk will be enlarged, sensitive and kind of tingly for up to an hour so be sure to take care with your choice of clothing and how you sit (I found tight pants and crossing my legs was a little uncomfortable). I found it easier to gradually increase the suction pressure over time when I was consistently pumping. I also found the tingling sensation post pumping decreased over time. When I was consistently pumping, I felt a reduction in my bottom dysphoria because of the small increase in size of my junk.

Now for the juicy stuff. When using this pump for masturbation or play with a partner/s, I definitely felt a difference in the sensation of my junk. It was a lot more sensitive which I initially thought would make me orgasm quicker, but I personally found I was able to hold out longer. I also found my orgasms to be more heightened and intense. I did notice over time and with consistent pumping (10 minutes, twice a day) that my junk was a bit bigger than usual (note that New York Toy Collective does not advertise this product to increase the size of your junk long-term).

For the quality and price of this pump, I think it is definitely worth it. It was so easy to assemble, use, clean and store which is a big bonus for me. The quality of the product looks and feels really high and I had no problems with the function of the pump whatsoever. I found the suction to be effective to increase the growth and sensation of my junk, whether this was for masturbation or foreplay/sex with a partner. I love this pump and I would definitely recommend it.

If you want to hear more about this product, jump onto my Instagram @_darcy_lee_ and watch my IGTV episode on the Transmasc Pump by New York Toy Collective.

You can also check out my 'helpful things to know before you start pumping' resource.

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